Introductory Writing Course

  • Appropriate for in-coming 4th
  • No prior course prerequisites
  • The course is 15 hours of in-class instruction

While similar to MS-1, the 4th grade course is specific to the pedagogical needs of younger writers.  This course focuses on an introduction to the writing process, and allows students to practice organic, academic writing. 

Course Content Highlights:

  • Prewriting
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • Publishing

Students will explore what each part of the process requires a writer to do in order to write a successful academic essay.

  • Analysis of writing prompts
  • Strategies for writing thesis
  • Practice writing thesis
  • Practice writing essays
  • Direct essay feedback with a writing coach
  • Introduction of dictionary skills
  • Introduction to research methods

This session will focus primarily on the expository and narrative forms of writing.

  • TEKS aligned
  • Common Core Standards aligned

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